About SnapCFO

It’s Simple, Really:

We should all do what we’re best at, and, Life is to be enjoyed

SnapCFO was founded on the principle that small businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice expert financial management simply because they are small. More and more businesses are outsourcing their transactional and administrative processes: Up to 75% of larger companies are outsourcing (Global Business News story). If your business is not running smoothly, producing the profits, cash flow, and value you know it could, or if you’re business is driving you crazy, Why?!

Our Principles

  • People First

  • Expertise & Competence

  • Responsiveness

  • Quality Results

  • Fair Value

Our Mission

At SnapCFO we are passionate about improving our small business clients’ profits, cash flow, value, and owner satisfaction.

Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

SnapCFO serves start-up companies and established businesses of small and mid-size, nonprofit organizations, and their owners and investors. Our physical presence is centered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with clients in the Western United States serviced through remote offices in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. We also work with most of our clients through Internet video, phone, email and messaging, as needed. Our professionals are experienced serving companies and individuals in such fields as:

  • manufacturing

  • construction

  • real estate

  • startups

  • technology

  • wholesale & distribution

  • high net worth individuals

  • employed professionals

  • nonprofits.

Core Offering: CFO – Controller – Accountant Services

SnapCFO adds value by:

Listening and observing HOW your business works, and joining with you to suggest ideas that can increase your profits, cash flow, and business value.

Coming along side your business’ existing management and operations, adding deep finance, reporting and business counsel skills.

Ability to increase our involvement and intensity (‘scale’) when your business has a specific need for expertise, or to replace the function of a departing employee.

Understanding and implementing appropriate technologies for startup or growth-phase companies, or those which have identified a need to update their systems.

Core Offering: Outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, and Human Resources Services

Why outsource? Most of those interviewed agreed on these core benefits:

Improved Focus: Let’s face the truth, most successful small business CEOs aren’t experts in accounting, taxes, payroll, and human resources, and those functions aren’t core to the mission. Companies freed from handling routine operational and administrative functions can devote more people and passion to their core mission by outsourcing

Better Technology: Today’s successful businesses do not use yesterday’s outdated software and platforms, their secure, mobile apps work at the speed of the Internet to close more business and stay in touch with customers.

Expertise: Outsourcing puts your bookkeeping and accounting in the hands of trained professionals, supervised by experienced reviewers.

Reduced Costs: Employees require salaries, taxes, benefits and office space, while outsourced teams have economies of scale and can often save you costs while improving the quality of the work.

Reduced Costs: Employees require salaries, taxes, benefits and office space, while outsourced teams have economies of scale and can often save you costs while improving the quality of the work.

SnapCFO offers a comprehensive, custom package of monthly accounting services that include everything you need to run your business more profitably, with better cash flow, and less worry. Our packages include:

Necessary small business compliance work including bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes, so you can forget about deadlines and penalties,

Payroll processing and tax filings: Secure, Confidential, and never a penalty or we pay!

Tax Compliance Services: Federal and state income tax preparation, sales and use tax compliance, personal property tax filings, etc.

Scheduled and On-demand CFO and Controller services to put your numbers in order and present their meaning in plain English. We understand and can advise you of potential changes which can reduce risk, improve financial results and returns, and help map out a strategy for success.

Online accounting (secure and ‘in the cloud’) that works at the speed of today’s business.

Human Resource services: Employee recruiting and onboarding, Employee Handbooks and Policies, Training, etc.

I.T. Services: because we understand and use Information technologies and keep up on what works best, we can direct your company’s implementation of hardware and software to save you time, worry, and potentially needless expense.

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