No business owner should do it alone. Let SnapCFO shoulder some of your burden.


Finance & Accounting for Land Sales Business Owners

Our approach springs from a disciplined, results-oriented mindset which values honest and frank collaboration to achieve incremental, sustained improvement.

Our mission is to free business owners to concentrate on their most important work by:

  • creating systems, and

  • placing people

…which enables scalable growth and optimizes profits.

Perhaps some of this sounds familiar…

I have no idea where I stand financially in the business!

My bookkeeping is a mess. I’m paying tax penalties. What is Form 1099-MISC?

The avalanche of incoming calls and emails are killing us!

How can my team spend less time answering phone calls & emails?

Should I hire this person as an employee or a contractor? What if I choose badly?

Do I have to put my employees on payroll?

My profit on sales is too low and that has me freaked out!

How can I increase my profits on property sales?

I am alone, bewildered, overwhelmed, and burning out.

I’m having a hard time with Work-Life balance. Help!

It drives me crazy that I feel I am paying too much in taxes on my business!

I always feel I am paying too much in taxes!

I know I need better accounting. I’m not keeping the kinds of records I need to manage the business or even file taxes for the year!

I need better accounting for tracking inventory, customer collections, and reporting for taxes.

A customer making payments just declared bankruptcy. What do I do next?

What do I do when a financed customer declares bankruptcy?

Are you tired of:

Feeling alone, bewildered, overwhelmed, burned out?

Feeling unqualified and unprepared?

Feeling lost in the many steps to success?

Not knowing where you stand with cash? How much will I need? When? How do I increase my cash balance?

Wondering if your accountant sucks?

…or a nagging feeling that you are not growing like you think you should?

Our clients typically:

  • Are beyond the beginning stage (have several deals done)

  • Are ready to boost their forward trajectory with ideas, solutions, and a plan

  • Are confident enough to be open to a trustworthy outsider’s objective assessment of their business

  • Open to and ready to implement recommendations to grow

  • Have the business acumen to appreciate the valuable results of expert collaboration,

  • Are ready and open to make transformational changes.

Our clients are not:

  • Those with insufficient time to invest working on their business

  • Those who lack the committment of follow-through to do what it takes.

SnapCFO delivers consistent, excellent support and implementation services to land sales business owners who value personal attention, easy collaboration with your Team, and tangible results.

Let’s have a conversation:

— Kevin Denny, CPA, founder of SnapCFO

A couple years ago I was contacted by a land sales business owner who was looking for help organizing his financial records for income tax reporting and business planning.

As we started down that path, I was introduced to the concept of a rural land sales business, seeing in action, the perspective of having implemented two of the popular online courses for land sales businesses.

This client and I have worked together for two years as his business has grown exponentially by adding systems and people both in the United States and outside the United States to do those critical business functions in an organized, systematic way.

Some of the projects we’ve implemented together include:

  • Measuring and forecasting cash flow,

  • when and how much interest to charge on financing,

  • registering the business in various states,

  • setting up payroll and more streamlined accounting,

  • dealing with customer bankruptcy,

  • the need for property and liability insurance,

  • and documenting processes for training more staff.

Because we both understood the need for meetings and goals and follow-up to tasks we settled on the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) library as a framework for managing the business. As a management group we have weekly meetings, quarterly and annual planning retreats, and regularly check each other in an open and honest way in our functional areas.

Through this process we have corrected and updated accounting records, filed income tax returns, registered in all of the states where we buy and sell land,  and in our weekly meetings reported metrics of critical financial and operating activities.

The results of this have been extraordinary and very pleasing from the standpoint of profitability and cash flow.

Answers to common questions:


How do I know I need a CPA / Land Sales Consultant?

If you are dealing with any of these:

  • Running out of cash

  • Difficulties with partners or employees

  • Marketing ideas / strategies

  • Business growth is stalled or plateaued

  • Deal profitability issues

  • Feeling lost without a trusted advisor

  • Tech stack giving problems or not developed

  • Accounting is inadequate or not up to date

  • Tax audit risk

Will you return my calls and emails promptly (or answer them yourself)?

Heck yeah!


What qualifies Kevin Denny CPA / SnapCFO is qualified to help solve issues & concerns?

  • I am a CPA with direct experience in the land sales business and real estate investing.

  • I am creative in coming up with novel, effective solutions (Yes, Kevin has a process that works)

  • Seven years serving on the city Planning Commission where I learned all about land use regulations, zoning, lot splits, and the entitlement process.

How much do you charge for LSBO services?

Pricing depends on your stage of business and level of activity and revenues. Let’s have a conversation so we can be more specific!

Can you help me with _________________?

We can always launch a discussion about any concern you have. Often the most helpful discussions begin with a concern.

For example, we often consult about a variety of business processes, or nurturing relationships with legal or title professionals in other states, etc.

“Friendly, helpful, professional, complete.”

“Quick, easy and efficient. When you’re not sure or confused, they explain.”

“Kevin was a great advisor and was able to guide me and resolve my issue.”

“Kevin was incredibly helpful.”

Let’s have a conversation: