CFO & Controller Services

Our flagship offering is on-demand CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services, but we also offer other needed services to small-to-medium size businesses.

On-demand CFO Services

SnapCFO was founded on the principle that small businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice expert financial management simply because they are small.

If your business is not running smoothly, producing the profits, cash flow, and value you know it could, or if your business is driving you crazy, let us help you discover why!

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

In working with business owners we discovered that in many cases, the financial and operational records and reporting needed support and improvement, and, since the quality of our analysis and advice from these reports was essential to providing valid, valuable guidance, we brought on board:

  • skilled accounting,

  • bookkeeping,

  • and payroll talent.


Business Tax Services

Small and medium size businesses want to avoid tax penalties, so SnapCFO also offers expert service in:

  • filing sales & use tax returns,

  • payroll tax returns,

  • property tax returns,

  • and uncomplicated business income tax returns including Partnership, Corporation, and S-Corporation returns.

Technology & Training Services

Because our clients requested industry-specific and software-specific support and training, we also recruited team members experienced in:

  • system selection,

  • implementation,

  • training and maintenance.

Among our most common work in this area include:

  • establishing an online accounting system,

  • converting a desktop accounting app to “cloud” solution,

  • and integrating one or more mobile applications into those reporting applications.

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