Tax Compliance

Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

Our firm delivers professional-grade income tax preparation and planning services to individuals and small business owners using personalized, confidential methods, all at the client’s convenience. We know and use secure Internet-based communication methods and have flexible hours. We have filed thousands of tax returns and successfully represented taxpayers in various audit, examination and collection cases. Whether you are an individual or business, we want to help you. Experienced in tax situations for:

  • first-time homeowners,

  • businesses,

  • divorced,

  • IRS debtors,

  • non-filers,

  • landlords,

  • multi-state,

  • and others!

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For tax preparation services our reasonable flat fees cover 95% of needs and are listed on the website here. We keep our fees well below most CPA firms and even those impersonal national-advertised franchise strip mall guys. Because of the Internet and other technologies we can and do have clients in several states including Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, etc. We work confidentially through email, secure digital documents, phone and in person, with taxpayers throughout the US. Plus, we’re available all year long, whenever you have a question, and because we don’t want to discourage our clients from reaching out to us, brief answers to continuing clients are included for the year after your tax returns are filed.

Considering setting up a new business? Let us help you avoid the [expensive] pitfalls! Contact us by phone or text at 801-758-7207 or email: Why don’t you give SnapCFO a call or email and ask for a free get-to-know you meeting?